History of breed

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What is Biewer York and where it came from? 

The first Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon were withdrawn in Hunsruk in Germany in 1984, Mr. and Mrs. Werner and Gertrude Biewer.
The first Biewer was obtained from the standard Yorkshire Terrier because two dogs have recessive gene.
From their union was the first blue-white-golden girl Shneefloken von Fridhek ("Snowflake"), born in January 1984. Later, Mr Biewer continued to work on their multi-colored Yorkies to consolidate white belly and paws. 
Once during dinner, husband German singer Margo Eskens gave his wife on a platter as a gift, puppy Biewer York.
This fact is a historic one for the breed, as the main title was the phrase «a la Pom Pon», which translated from French means «ball of yarn».
In 1989, Biewer Yorkshire have been registered as its own breed of charity ACH German eV And although Mr. Biewer is dead, a new breed of connoisseurs continue his work.
Currently in Germany there is an International club rocks Biewer.
Members of this club shall undertake to adhere to a standard that was set by Mr. Biewer.

Unfortunately, at this moment, this new, charming breed is not recognized as a separate breed in the FCI, but already has its fans, and I hope that it will soon take its place in FCI.



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